About Us

Prepaid Card Solutions (PCS) was established to apply a unique set of skills to provide prepaid card solutions for businesses and consumers in the Middle East. With over three decades of experience in the payment industry and platform development, PCS has created innovative prepaid products that fit the needs of the region’s population. Our goal continues to be the development of secure, reliable, innovative, and cost effective global payment solutions for our customers. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, we’ve harnessed relationships that allow our programs to be deployed throughout the region. We recognize the complexity of connecting people with a global payment system and e-commerce and we have the tools and experience to overcome these challenges.

We currently offer a wide variety of prepaid card programs that include travel cards, gift cards, and virtual cards. We have developed a voucher platform for reloading prepaid cards. Our Universal Cardholder panel, independent of the card processor, provides a mobile-friendly platform for reloading prepaid cards.

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